Home/Office Moving Tips 2022: Selling Used Furniture and Disposal of Unused Items

It is always preferable to separate usable items from unused one while you do home moving, office moving or any other commercial moving. There are benefits to doing so

  1. It will reduce loading and unloading costs and efforts.
  2. Transportation charges will be lesser.
  3. Warehousing services costs will be lesser if temporarily storing your goods while moving.
  4. You save more space in your new home or office.
  5. Finally, you save your time, money, and strength and reduce your tension to half.

Steps to prepare before Home or Commercial Office Moving

Prepare at least 1 month before moving. First, divide usable items separately. The remaining unusable items further you can analyze and divide into which are sellable and which have to be disposed of. This you can achieve with the help of your family members, friends, or office colleagues. Home used items like used furniture (Sofa, Beds, Dining Table, Chairs), Antiques, Vehicles (Old motorbikes or cars), Kitchen items (Kitchenware, Dinnerware), Electronic items (fridge or washing machines, Air conditioners) are possible items to sell. The office used items like used furniture (office tables and chairs), and electronic gadgets (computers, laptops, monitors, printers, Xerox machines, air conditioners) are possible items to sell.

Sell used furniture/household items before home moving

Multi-Trans Events, a home moving services company provides you a blog with expert advice on how to sell your furniture or any other items. Every family must eventually face the difficult choice of what to do with their old furniture while contracting with home moving or office moving services. It's typically not simple, but that doesn't mean it has to be challenging! We'll provide you with tried-and-true advice that we employ daily. Look no further than our guide below if you're looking for advice in this area!

We do not buy/sell used furniture. We merely advise that you sell your current furniture before your next office or home moving.

Sell used furniture

Prepping your items for Selling

  • It's essential to give your furniture a deep cleaning before putting it up for sale. Take all of the couch cushions outside and shake them thoroughly. This will assist clean the fabric and help get rid of any dirt or grime that has accumulated over time. Before putting things back, carefully vacuum and sweep the area. You can get manpower help from our home moving services Singapore if you have furniture in large quantities.
  • Gently brush away filth with rubbing alcohol and a white cloth to remove pet hair or stains from your vehicles or electronic gadgets. This will assist in removing tough stains that simple soap and water can't remove!
  • It's important to place your things in the space in an area where customers can quickly see and access them.
  • When selling furniture, be sure to include pieces with little high price tags. Because people still love bargains! Include a few low-cost things in your furniture sales, such as a fresh pair of coasters or some dinnerware. This will encourage more people to purchase and enable you to maximize your profits!
  • It's essential that buyers understand what they are getting before making a transaction from you. Please mention any damages, or scratches, with the item before buying.

Prepping your items for Selling

Sell Used Office furniture/Electronic gadgets before office moving easily

Selling your unused office or commercial items which you don’t need anymore will make it easy while doing office moving in Singapore. Most people want to buy used office furniture as there are chances of grabbing high-quality furniture at a very lesser price. Electronic gadgets are most welcomed by second-hand buyers and agents as they will clean, repair, and resell them again at the best price. Please feel free to email Multi-Trans Event Singapore office moving services at sales@multitransevents.com [if you have any queries or concerns about office moving or furniture selling] We'll try our best to respond to your inquiry right away!

Sell used office furniture

How to sell used items online?

  • If there's any chance that a potential buyer could want additional information from you, including your email address in each description of the items (e.g., asking about measurements, quality, quantity, etc)
  • Take high-quality pictures of your items at all angles and post them.
  • When you include photos, add the dimensions (HxWxL) of the items.
  • Mention a competitive pricing plan by displaying an exact price on your product and researching comparable things online before listing yours.
  • Do some research on the costs of these products in your area before you offer your furniture to avoid being disappointed after the sale. Make sure you receive a fair price for what is yours when you sell it.
  • The listing must state the general condition. This post is for you if you're a dealer or just someone who wishes to sell used furniture from your home online. The aspects that will affect the resale price and worth of your products must first be discussed in order to fully grasp the best ways to sell used items online.
  • Hiring manpower from moving services to move and pack things may be worthwhile if you are selling a larger item, like furniture. If not, you'll need to make arrangements for someone to come over with a car or truck and some packing supplies.

Online Platforms to sell Used Items

Online Platforms to sell Used Items

Most Singapore home moving services recommend Carousell, Gumtree, Chutku and SG free cycle as the best free online platforms to sell your used items in Singapore. Several new features have been added to Facebook's already sophisticated social networking platform. Facebook Marketplace is just one of these. It's simple to write a post and communicate with possible buyers on both the website and the app, and both allow you to target your neighborhood through particular groups or the city as a whole, even though they don't offer choices to pick up and deliver your furniture.

Dispose unused households or office Item

Are you looking to dispose of unnecessary items, but unsure where to dispose? Multi-Trans Events commercial moving services in Singapore provide you with the option to have your disposal services if large in quantity which requires more space in your place or in warehousing services company. In addition to disposing of bulky items, our moving services guarantee that the confidentiality of any records belonging to your business or you that are being destroyed will be protected to the highest degree. From our selection of disposal services, which includes providing a truck at your disposal site and transporting all of your unwanted goods to an authorized disposal ground, you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Dispose unused households or office Item

What type of items to dispose of?

The majority of people are unwilling to get rid of their old furniture and households while home moving in Singapore because they believe they would suffer a great loss. However, the costs will come from the space that it requires to occupy on your new place and money needed to carry from one place to another or temporary storage with warehousing services Singapore is huge than this. But the following items surely come under the disposal category.

  • Broken furniture and cracked glasses or glass wares.
  • Older couches and mattresses with non-replaceable cushions.
  • Electronic items such as refrigerators, washing machines, woven, and other items that cannot be repaired.
  • Older office laptops and computers that you are upgrading.
  • Older models of cars and motorcycles if you plan to acquire a new one when you move.

On the whole, selling unused items and disposing of unwanted things will make your move easy and efficient. For more details read our blogs and feel free to contact sales@multitransevents.com