Warehousing Services Company and Costs - Overview

Multi-Trans Events have warehousing services facilities ready to store your assets here, whether your things are residential belongings or commercial goods. You get a seamless end-to-end solution when you require moving solutions, warehousing space, or man power for distribution. You also gain speed, control, and visibility with our professionalism and expertise. This article will help you to know how much does warehousing services Singapore costs for a period of time.

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Our warehousing services in Singapore has greater space (More than 5,000 sq ft and advanced sorting technology for logistics efficiency. Our portfolio includes contract and non-contract warehousing services for both home and commercial customers. We are  the cheapest Singapore domestic storage services packages which comes along with home moving and office moving services.

Warehousing services Singapore to store your house wares temporarily while moving!

Sometimes it is complicated that your new house or office may take additional time when doing up the renovation. You may need a space to store your belongings safely for the time being and it is well known to everyone in Singapore that no property owners leave their houses or commercial spaces for rents in short-term periods which are less than 11 months of agreement.

That’s why Multi-Trans Events has our warehousing services Singapore to help cater to your storage solutions. Our local expertise provides you with a strong backbone that will help you create a smooth move with a flexible temporary storage space.

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Our warehousing services in Singapore afford outstanding solutions to keep your house wares, kitchen wares, and furniture or office equipment for a period of time. Pre-export supplies and commodities can be combined in a warehouse that is strategically located and connected to your sourcing areas in Singapore. Did we mention that we are near both the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) as well as the Central Expressway (CTE)? It is a perfect place allowing you to optimize your office operations and container loads. We can also provide you with a wide range of value added services at our warehousing facilities, allowing you to be more flexible so as to reduce your efforts, as well as deliver your products to your customers consistently.

Advantages of Warehousing Services

Warehousing is an important aspect of your business too. We know that the journey doesn't finish once your product is loaded onto one of your trucks - storage is often important that may be needed always or usually. This is why broad facilities are offered by our Singapore warehousing services. We can customize our trusted services to match your needs, whether you need short-term or long-term warehouse.

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The following are some benefits of our company

  1. Located centrally: Our Warehouse is located at the heart of Singapore and has various networks to connect your nearby location.
  2. Timely delivery: A s we are moving, we can give our customers immediate and timely delivery of their baggage and housewares when they need it back.
  3. Safety & Security: Our trusted warehousing services in Singapore have great beliefs of our customers from the past 7 years as we are responsible for all your things (from a single pin to a big furniture) and take care with sincere efforts. Our security guards monitor our warehouse premise on a 24x7 basis and assure you safety at every moment. Not to worry about physical and water damages of your things, since our warehouse is completely covered and indoor.
  4. Cheapest Cost: Our charges are competitive and negotiable. We hope you like our reasonable pricing slab with guaranteed satisfaction.
  5. Loading Unloading : It is the responsiblity of our home or office moving services in Singapore to load and unload on our warehouse safely.

Singapore Warehousing Services Company Charges 2022

The following are various Singapore warehousing services pricing which makes you happier when you compare our rates with any other warehousing services company

S.No Description Storage Period Cost
1 Van Load Minimum Storage Period is 3 Months $150 Per Month
2 10 Footer Load Minimum Storage Period is 3 Months $240 per month
3 14 Footer Load Minimum Storage Period is 3 Months $480 per month
4 24 Footer Load Minimum Storage Period is 3 Months $720 per month

Finally, the customers that do not have their own warehouses but need to store their freight or items for a length of time frequently can contact us. Also those who are looking to move your home in Singapore can reach us to get both home moving services and warehousing services in combination to store your house wares temporarily at our warehouse and then shift it to your new house.

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