About Us

Multi-Trans Event was setup in the year 2015. We started the business with only 1 manpower by providing event setups and tear downs.  We've now grown to a team of 15 and expanded our services to provide Warehousing logistics, home moving services, storage, painting services, household cleaning, supplying of manpower, relocation, office moving services and many more, all made possible with the help of our clients' strong referrals!
Our Work - Commercial and home moving services Singapore
Get the best home moving services in Singapore with Multi-Trans Events. We help to make your workload less for your home moving as we pack, sort, and shift belongings to the new place easily. You don’t have to break a sweat. :) How’s that for service?
With regular communication and coordination with you, we will confirm the home moving day according to your convenient time. We will also pack all items in advance with bubble wraps, taps, and label boxes with markers to identify which box holds what items. This will make your unpacking much easier. We will use our experience to help you group items together. For example “Boy’s room”, “kitchen”, and etc.
Before the moving day, when we are packing your belongings for you, we will always place the heavier items at the bottom and lighter items at the top to ensure that the boxes will not break when loading into our truck during the residential moving process. Our home moving services team will also plan for your kids and pets. We will ensure that their safety is of top priority when we are moving as we do not want them to get hurt during the moving process. We will also ensure documents, papers, and important files are packed perfectly and they are always with you while moving. Also Checkout Top 10 home moving  services in Singapore.
Multi-Trans home moving services company will also assist to clean your old place after packing items properly and throw away the things that are not used anymore after getting confirmation from you. This will ensure the house is in a proper and clean handing-taking over condition. This is especially important when you are selling or renting your house to another party.  
The process of office moving service is overall similar to home moving. It is an extremely tedious process to arrange all files and data in between the busiest schedules. We’ve moved offices that have been in their premises for more than 20 years and the amount of files and paper that they’ve accumulated is really mind-boggling! That is why we come up as a professional Office Moving Services in Singapore. No matter how big or small the office space may be, we make it easy to relocate offices with our detailed plan to ensure things go efficiently.
Warehousing Services
Multi Trans Also offers warehousing services Singapore for you to store your residential items or your commercial goods in our warehouse during the moving process. We will also take care of the Loading and Unloading work so that you as our esteemed customer can stay comfortable in your air-conditioned room while we work it out for you.  :) Don’t worry, this is our job.
There are many warehousing services company that provide man power but many of them do not provide a 1-stop service like we do. We have a professional and dedicated team to ensure the packing, moving, cleaning, and storage of your belongings are all in tip-top condition. It is needed some time to store large quantity products which arrived from cargo and logistics to move to your customers over a period, Our Singapore warehousing services have enough space to store on contract basis.
Our Vision
We aspire to be the leading events and logistics provider in Asia Pacific, by ensuring we deliver the highest quality work in our day-to-day operations.
Our Mission
To provide top-notch grade moving services around Singapore and professional events support & logistics work to all our clients.
Why Choose Us? (POET)
  • Professionalism
  • One-stop service solutions
  • Efficiency
  • Trustworthiness


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