5 Things To Do Personally Before Hiring Movers in Singapore

Are you moving for the first time and have no experience? A little planning and attention are needed for packing and relocating a house. To assist you in moving from one city to another, you can also hire movers in Singapore. But remember the below advices; it will simplify your moving job even more.

In Singapore, moving is very common among people. Every day, there are many people leave their place or city and travel to another location insearch of a job or education or transfer of existing job. The necessity to pack carefully and secure safe transportation of your belongings will come to mind as soon as you decide to move to a new home or location. Therefore, packers and movers in Singapore are the most important aspects of relocating, and they must be done really thoroughly and carefully.

But before hiring movers, you must be prepared and well known about certain things. Otherwise you may suffer at the time of move. Here are 5 important things discussed which you need to do personally and hire movers with full confidence.

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1. Knowing Movers Average Service Cost

You must be aware of the cost of moving before hiring a team for moving. The price of a Singapore packers and movers service varies depending on the number of items being moved and the distance to transport it, however for a low-end local moving service, the price can run between $400 and $600 for lesser items. According to the distance and overall service quality, such as packing, delivery time, amount of items, etc., good and dependable long distance relocation for a 1 BHK household move can cost around Rs. $750 or more. Get quotes from the reputable 2 or 3 movers in Singapore, compare the price and select the best one by their customers’ reviews on Google.

2. Packing Important Documents on Your Own

While packing and unpacking, it is your responsibility to pack the important documents. Don’t let it on the responsibility of movers as it does not go misplaced while the movers team are packing the larger items, store all of your important cards and documents, including your driving license, passport, voter ID card, medical records, insurance cards, and other vital cards and documents, in one location as if one of these documents are missed may lead to a great loss and suffer you to get the duplicate for it again. These papers are actually very important, and you might still require them after moving into your new house right away for a number of things like getting a local phone number or hiring an LPG provider. Keep in hand tracking of all your contact details, phone logs, and other vital documents. When you move into your new house, you could require them. Additionally, you must always have your friends' and family's contact information on hand so that you may get in touch with them when necessary.

3. Clear Local Services Bills Before the Move.

It is your duty to clear all your existing home bills of local services, newspaper man, milkman, local grocery store, telephone bills, internet bills & cable operators etc., Also ensure you are free to leave from the house and payments cleared to homeowners if you are leaving a rented property. This will please the landlord for how sincere you are. Make sure it has been cleared before the day of moving. Once the movers enter your home, the local service people may interrupt your work and take time if you have payment balance to them. So it is always recommended to contact the Movers Company after ensuring you are free to leave now.

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4. Inform Your New Address to Existing Contacts

Attach a label with your new address on your present residence or place of business, so that any documents delivered to your current address can be posted to your new location in the event that they are necessary. Particularly if you are moving your house or office inside the same city, this could be quite helpful.

At the same time, after shifting to the new place the first step is to submit a change of address on all documents like banks, government ids, postal and insurance companies to send all the documents to the new address.

5. Keep Spare Funds in Hand

Keep some extra cash on hand because you could not have access to your bank accounts or finances after moving to a new place until you transfer your accounts there. Some local service people do not accept account transfers for a lesser amount and you need to pay hard cash to them. Also keep some change in your hand to give to the people happily who are coming to help you while setting up your new house, Otherwise it will take time to get an exchange of a huge amount.

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Once movers come inside your house/commercial place, the moving action starts immediately and there will be no time to concentrate on the above important things. They will not wait to complete it as you wish. So think with relaxation and decide well. Ensure you are prepared and have no confusion about what to move and what not. Now you are ready to contact movers in Singapore to shift. Congratulations on your move!

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